You see, everything is about belief. 

Whatever we believe governs and rules our life.  The belief system we create in our subconscious mind is like a cage we put ourselves inside of. We create our own boundaries, and our own limitations, mostly told to us by other people. 

We tell ourselves what is possible, and what is impossible. And then just because we believe it, it becomes truth for us.


The Road to a New Reality Starts from Within

The great secret possessed by the great men of all ages was their ability to contact and release the Powers of their subconscious mind. 

You can do the same.

                                  Dr Joseph Murphy

What is PSYCH-K®?


is a set of short, simple and non-invasive process of transforming old, negative and limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind to powerful and positive dictates that heal, uplift and spur us forward towards our goals and the kind of life we are seeking.

Are you ready to ditch the beliefs that get in your way?

PSYCH-K® can help you to:-

  • Transform outdated, limiting and negative beliefs

  • Release past negative emotional experiences and trauma

  • Improve relationships with loved ones and others

  • Remove mental and/or emotional blocks

  • Relieve anxiety and stress

  • Create a new way of being by living the beliefs you want

  • Help heal from health conditions (in conjunction with standard medical protocols)

  • and much more...

Yoga Practice

Transform limiting beliefs

About Me

        Born and grew up in Singapore, Jennifer is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Preferred PSYCH-K® Facilitator (completed Basic, Master, Advanced and Health& Wellbeing workshops).  She is a certified taiqi instructor, world nomad and traveler, intuitive and passionate researcher and practitioner of natural and holistic health therapies from around the world for almost 20 years.

      From the moment she finished the PSYCH-K® basic workshop, she knew she had found a gem unlike any other in the field of holistic healing therapies. 


     Practicing PSYCH-K® helped change her life and health so profoundly and deeply; especially with her autoimmune illness, that not only did it take her healing to a whole new level but it has since left her with newfound health, fervor and enthusiasm to help others using PSYCH-K® as a powerful tool for healing that has to be experienced to know.



               Psych-K works! My first session with Jennifer far exceeded my expectations. Jennifer is an amazing facilitator: professional, knowledgeable and her communication is excellent which is super important to me. I never felt in the dark about what was happening at any moment. Her easy going manner and patient, judgement-free approach to working through some tough things with me was just what I was looking for. I was immediately comfortable with her and it was clear that she was personally invested in the process. Most importantly, what I experienced in just the first session with her was profound on levels I can't properly express in a written testimony. The results were not only real, but also very intentional; Jennifer helped me work toward a very specific change in beliefs that I had defined as most important to me at that time, literally changing my "programming." At that moment, I knew more than ever that real life changes were possible in just a short amount of time. I've been searching for this my whole life and I don't know if I've ever felt that much joy in a single moment. I'm so excited about continuing my work with her.      


             ~ JT Garber (Philadelphia) 

      Jennifer leads her sessions with a calming, compassionate and grounded energy. She truly believes in the power of PSYCH-K and helped strengthen that belief in myself. I highly recommend working through any of life's challenges with her. 

              ~ Adriana Furey (Florida)

         Working with Jennifer has been an amazing experience for me. She is kind, patient and warm and is highly skilled as a PSYCH K facilitator. She exudes an openness  and creates a space which makes it easy to feel safe and comfortable. I experienced profound  results after Jennifer facilitated balances with me on several occasions. She has an incredible energy and The immediate results I felt after working with her were astounding.

               ~Kim Stigliano (New York)

                 Jennifer was amazing and truly instrumental in helping me relieve my anxiety prior to each one of my cataract surgeries. I put off the cataract surgery for my right eye for way too long from fear. The doctor was concerned because now the cataract was so dense. This in turn created even more anxiety for me prior to surgery. Jennifer worked with me and facilitated Psych-k to help reduce my fear. I was stunned as to how calm I was the morning of surgery for each of my eyes. Total success!! I am forever grateful! THANK YOU so much Jennifer!                                        


  ~Leyla Pinarli (New York)

                I can categorically say that Jen is a natural at Psych-K. The intuition, the flow, the support, insight and clarity that she brings to the session are remarkable n so healing coupled with the modality.  I highly recommend Jen's sessions. 

~ Houry Pappin (Abu Dhabi, UAE)~

  My knees were very swollen and painful and I needed relief.  After doing a couple of balances, the pain had reduced dramatically over the next couple of days and I was able to run my errands with more ease. 
A week later, Jennifer worked with me to help me walk as fast as my very tall husband as I was frustrated that I could never keep up.  Two days after balancing for that, my husband and I went for an evening walk and I was able to not only keep up with his long strides but was able to walk easily along side him.

                                                                         ~Khae Z (Thailand)

I fully enjoyed my time with Jennifer.  She is a professional through and through, and it is evident how much she deeply cares for her clients and their success.  Jennifer is compassionate and knowledgeable and she truly listens. I valued her expertise in the PSYCH-K process and I felt a shift following our sessions together.  I can say I have marked improvement in the tinnitus I was experiencing and also in my allergy to my dog. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to break an unwanted cycle and to change their life for the better. 

                                                          - Kelly Bookamer (New York)

The next thing you think, the next action you take, will either create a new possibility for you, or it will repeat the Past.


Deepak Chopra MD

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  *Sessions available Online Worldwide   

Jennifer Kao, HHP

Preferred PSYCH-K® Facilitator



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